Speciality Coffee

We take sustainably sourced green coffee beans and transform them into delicious single origin roasted coffees, full of flavour and medium roasted.

The Story

Morningdog Coffee is a coffee roasting business set up in April 2018.

Pepe, was our pet dog. Pepe was re-homed from Spain in January 2018. He added a great deal of fun, joy and ball-throwing. He was full of vitality, a real get up and go character. All the things you associate with a great cup of coffee. He was the first thing I saw every morning..."Morningdog" I would say...and so the name was born...

Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee ? A really good cup of coffee. We like different brewing methods in our home - we have fondnesses for americanos and espressos. My daughter works as a barista ; I first learned about coffee from her. In April 2018 I bought a small coffee bean roaster. And I mean small. A micro-roaster which roasted one bag at a time in it. The scent of roasting coffee was wonderful!

In May 2018 I went to the Glasgow Coffee Festival (yes, there is such a thing as a coffee festival) and learnt a whole lot more about coffee. And drank a fair bit of it, it has to be said. I learnt about cupping, the history of coffee (and coffee houses), lots about the art of brewing and technical things about grinders.

​In July 2018, I attended a coffee roasting course in Winchester and again learnt masses. As demand for the freshly roasted coffee increased, I took the plunge and acquired a larger roaster in February 2019. This involved buying a wooden cabin to put it in.

Now I'd like to share my coffee with you!

I'm on a journey of discovery; thank you for joining me.